Transmitting commands, and closing the feedback loop

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Apologies if this has already been asked... I promise I used the search feature!

The transmission of data from remote RFM12B nodes is well covered, and I was wondering if any work has been done, or documentation available for that matter, on the transmission of commands to these remote nodes?

I appreciate a lot of the nodes are passive battery powered sensors on the network, transmitting their results back to anyone that's listening. I have a variety of permanently powered Jeenodes already transmitting data from sensors back to emoncms, but I'd like to be able to send them a command as well (maybe, ahem, christmas tree lights, outdoor lighting, plant watering, etc). I know I could write the additional code myself, but I just wanted to be sure I wasn't reinventing the wheel! I find monitoring the environment to be the first part of controlling the environment - creating the feedback loop all efficiency drives need, and OEM is a fantastic huge step in the first part.

Also, is there a document describing the OEM protocol over RFM12B anywhere? So far I've only found out how it works by reading the code :-)

Any thoughts?


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Re: Transmitting commands, and closing the feedback loop

Openenergymonitor uses the JeeLib library to handle the transmission and reception of the data.  

Take a look at , the looks as if their forum is just being rebuilt, but the list of projects might be of interest.

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Re: Transmitting commands, and closing the feedback loop

Also take a look at the blog post about the recent meet-up.

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