Home consumption how-to (help)

I have recently (today) buy an home consumption viewer on fixed budged. The product is the following

IME CE20195A2 - it's the one with pulse output (as i say i was on the budget). Practically this product has an NO relay, that on every pulse it's closing the circuit (NC).  


I remember that 1 year back it was some solution with arduino one, which send 5v, and then with some pin it's reading that 5v returning every time the circuit is closing. 


My question is if you have some links to send me to solve this problem, i want to have the arduino send this data to a linux server (where i use cacti for all the logs and graphs)

(maybe the problem has been already solved) - but i'm open minded to every answer i get from the experts

thank you

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Re: Home consumption how-to (help)

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Re: Home consumption how-to (help)

thank you very much for your answer, it's greatly appreciated. 

I will look on to it.


I'm no expert in arduino, but sooner or later it had to cross my path. The din rail current counter, was, buy'ed, and i have not expect nothing from him, except the digital screen where it show me the V,A,W,H values. When it has arrived i have seen the exit from the no relay, and wow that's great (or not). Now i have homework to do :))

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