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Hi everyone,

I just discovered OpenEnergyMonitor and like what you guys are doing. I've been living on solar for 10 years and have a real interest in sustainable/renewable energy.

So far looking around the site I haven't seen much in the way of the actual data aquisition, mains is handled by the emonTx and the nanonode appears to make a start in this area but no serious way to collect data from battery banks, PV arrays etc. Or for that matter to control things like load resistors etc.





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Re: Sensor network

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your interest. We have developed emoncms  precisely for this. Emoncms can be installed on a local or remote server and can log and visuliase all types of data. Data can be posted to the emoncms server using a nanode or Arduino with an etherent shield. We have used emoncms for power monitoring, temperature monitoring, solar PV battery bank monitoring, solar hot water monitoring and control system and air source heat pump monitoring. 

The data its self is logged to a MYSQL database on the sever by emoncms. One of the main features of emoncms is input processing, incoming data can be processed as it comes in before its logged to a feed. For example the most useful are: instantaneous power can be converted to Kwh/d and voltage and current can be multiplied to give power.

For an example of the sort of visulisation capabilities of emoncms see the extensions section of the documentation: 

emoncms is free to download, give it a go!

All the best, Glyn. 

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