use only one sensor...


Is it possible to make accurate energy measurements using only the current sensor since the voltage remains constant?



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Re: use only one sensor...

Hi Harrys,

I answered a very similar question in this thread:

Hope this answers your question. 

All the best, Glyn. 

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Re: use only one sensor...



Thank you very much for your answer Glyn.

According to your experince can you give me an estimate of the % accuracy loss due to the use of only the ct sensor? 




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Re: use only one sensor...

 Hi Harry,

To be totally honest I am not sure, it will obviously depend on the applications consuming the power which you are monitoring. I intend to do some testing soon.

For comparison:

The mains AC non-invasive 3.0 energy monitor design which measures voltage as well as current achieves a real power accuracy of 3%, click here to see full test results. 

Owl monitors which like emonTx only measure current (apparent power) quote an accuracy of 5-10%. 

Hope this helps give you an idea,


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