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I am brand new to this and want to build a wind turbine. I have some questions that I can't seem to locate the answers to. All I want to start with is powering my little shed in the back yard with a turbine. This is something that I will not use every day for energy, but I will have an air compressor for airing up tires (should only need to run at about 10 minutes at a time) maybe a circular saw once in a while, an electric drill once in a while, and 2-4 lights once in a while. I want to know how do I keep my turbine from overcharging the battery bank. Is there a product that I can get that will shut off the power to the bank when it's at peak charge? or am I going to have to manually turn it on and off to charge it? I want to run power to my shed, and I though this would be a fun and inventive way to do it. Thank you.

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Hello Jeremy,

Hugh piggot has a good charge control circuit for doing exactly this:

The important thing is that you need to keep the wind turbine loaded once the batteries are full, otherwise it is likely to overspin and break. Once the batteries are full you need to switch from the batteries to a dump load.

Hope that helps


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