emonPI Pulse Count input

I am very impressed with my new emonPI and can see why the Open Energy Monitoring is potentially so powerful.

Getting to grips with the detail is more of a challenge!  I note that the emonPI, which has 2 CTs and one temperature probe attached, shows the pulse count input slowly ticking up.  Today, in 8 hours, it has risen from about 55 to over 500.

Is this behaviour expected?  Or do I need to connect a resistor across the input to pull up or down the IRQ input to prevent?  (I thought there was an internal pullup resistor to do just that.)

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Re: emonPI Pulse Count input

Do a search for this - I've seen something about it, a while ago now.

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Re: emonPI Pulse Count input

Thank you - I have spent hours today searching and cannot find anything for the emonPI.

I did find for the emonTX something which said that noise can be introduced by the lead of a device connected in the RJ45 socket, but the PinMode parameter which it said to amend for the TX does not seem to exist for the PI.


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Re: emonPI Pulse Count input

The emon part of the Pi is pretty much identical to the emonTx (except it's missing 2 channels of current). The hard part is you need to amend and compile the sketch either in the Pi (by installing the Arduino IDE) or externally, find and transfer the compiled file to the Pi, and then load it via the serial interface. It's all a bit involved, full instructions for the last bit are in the Wiki.

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