PLL Emon controling multiple loads

Having looked round the forum I can't see anywhere that Martin Roberts PLL sketch has been modified to control multiple loads. Iv'e seen several references to the variants of the M2 router for multiple loads but not the PLL version. Have I missed something?

I want to achieve diverting my surplus PV power sequentially to the two water tanks of my two stage solar thermal/back boiler system, one is Hot the other is Cool and is giving me 70% of my hot water energy requirement from the thermal panels.

However as I'm data logging my systems I'd like to put an Ethernet shield and SD card on the Arduino as well so I can store and down load the data. hence the reason for looking at the PLL version as the CPU can do other things while the ADC conversions take place. I also want to measure the energy going to the immersion heaters rather than assume their power requirements. Just putting CT2 on the heater supply should do this for me.

I'm capable of revers engineering both Martin and Robins code but has it already been done?

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Re: PLL Emon controling multiple loads

As far as I'm aware, no-one has published a two-load version of Martin's sketch. I extended it for a friend, for 3 loads but with no 2nd current measurement, but it was never installed so remains unproven. 

There are versions of Robin's sketch for 2 loads published on his website, so there's no need for reverse engineering.

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Re: PLL Emon controling multiple loads

@Book_woorm  As far as I am aware, the logic for controlling the dump-load in Martin R's PLL code is very similar to the equivalent code in my Mk2 design which was published a few months earlier.  So the multi-load logic in my Mk2 sketches should be easy enough to transfer across to a PLL baseline. 

Recently, I posted an improved version of my multi-load code on my own website.   This can be found on the Downloads page  and there is some explanation about how it works on the Technical Notes page.  The latest version is Mk2_multiLoad_wired_7.ino.  Switching between loads is very much faster with this improved control system.


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