Absolute URL path in php script


I try to launch the following URL in a php script  "http://emoncmspath/input/post.json?node=nodetest&time=1457806584&json={input1:200}&apikey=keyvalue" but it doesn't work because the web host only support absolute path for URL. Since the folder "input" doesn't exist under root  but under "Modules" directory nothing append.

Is somebody encounter the same problem or do you have an idea on how to solve this ? 

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Re: Absolute URL path in php script

Hello gfo, emoncms uses modrewrite to redirect what looks like a folder location emoncms/input/post .. to a URL parameter emoncms/index.php?q=input/post. This is very common amongst web applications. You may need to ask your web host to enable mod rewrite and make sure the .htaccess file is present in your emoncms directory

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