Possible tracking multiple inverters?


I'm helping my friend (owned business for solar system) and he would like to track all inverters for healthy/status that he have had installed for all his clients, all clients are using SolarEdge inverter which have API key... so I would like to help him out with one full of page with heaps of inverters per lines

Not too sure if EmonCMS can do that? and I just want basic way... nothing too advance... just for multiple inverters for check healthy/status


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Re: Possible tracking multiple inverters?

That's absolutly doable. I use it on my own hosted EmonCMS instance to track the inverter details for Enecsys inverters as their reporting was shut down when they went out of business. But you can actually monitor whatever you want in EmonCMS and visualize it.

I monitor:
 - House consumption
 - Weather Data
 - PV Output total and inverter details
 - Server performance data
 - Heating information

Look at my dashboards here: http://swiss-solar-log.ch:85/firefox&id=3
Here are some others: http://swiss-solar-log.ch:85/ernst , http://swiss-solar-log.ch:85/urwyler 

There are several ways doing this. I did Inputs per inverter and then used normal feeds to store the data.
I run almost 1000 Inverters and 7000 feeds with that setup without an issue. 

Kind regards

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Re: Possible tracking multiple inverters?


Is there something you guy can help me out and I would like one similar to that (see screenshot below)

So my friend can track all inverters only that he have installed for all his clients... I can't find good instruction for EnomCMS


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Re: Possible tracking multiple inverters?

I'm happy to pay for someone to do that set up and will be on self hosted.... Can I clarify with you guy just need EmonCMS on self hosted from hosting provider and talk to all SolarEdge inverters by API Key only

The way my installer can monitors all inverters (generate daily kw and etc)

Not need other devices for eg EmonPI and etc... just EmonCMS only to monitor all inverters... is that possible?


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Re: Possible tracking multiple inverters?

I have used a single inverter to run & monitor multiple motors. A properly designed dv/dt filter should be used to reduce the capacitance issues. Without that, there will be problems with false earth (ground) faults.

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