emonGLCD case and backlight support

I decided to re-case one of my emonGLCDs and thought I'd post the .stl files on here in case anyone wants to duplicate it. The design is based on the one by danbates but my version eliminates the plywood panels...

I've never liked the idea of the LCD backlight just floating around so I also designed a support for it...

There are two options for the case back, a simple flat back and one designed for an AA battery holder like this to clip into...

A couple of things to note:

1. the case is designed for 10mm spacers either side of the PCB, or 8mm at the front if the backlight support is used.

2. the right-angled programming header needs to be a tall one like this

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Re: emonGLCD case and backlight support

Wow, this is really great! Good work. I have added a link to the emonGLCD documentation page so other users with access to 3D printer can replicate. 

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