DHT22 alternatives that can plug directly into the EmonTH?

I have about 25 sets of EmonTH running for about 1.5 years so far.  The set that I use for sensing outdoor air (tropical climate, but sheltered from direct sun and rain), has gone through 2 pieces of DHT22, each one surviving about half a year. I have received spare DHT22 in the mail from OpenEnergyMonitor after explaining my situation.  However, many of the other 25 sets of EmonTH show definite signs of RH% drifting, their temp readings are relatively stable.

It would seem that DHT22 cannot be relied upon for reliable long-term humidity monitoring.

There is a thread here where people have confirmed DHT44 (aka RHT05), a long-wire-type-sensor as a direct replacement, but I don't know if that's going to do better in long-term reliability than DHT22. 

Does anyone know which Sensiron SHTxx products will be a drop-in replacement in emonTH?  SHT71 has 4 legs at 1.27mm pitch, and can use a header to adapt to the 2.54mm pin pitch matching DHT22.  But the output signalling of SHT71 is given as "digital (2-wire Interface)".

Some info: www.kandrsmith.org/RJS/Misc/calib_dht22_dht11_sht71.html

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Re: DHT22 alternatives that can plug directly into the EmonTH?


I am also interested in replacing my DHT22 sensor of my emonTH with a better one as I am also suffering from poor RH% readings.

I have also found this forum thread: https://community.openenergymonitor.org/t/htu21d-temperature-and-humidity-sensor-possible-dht22-replacement/1106

This thread speaks about candidate replacement sensors, but doesn't mention yet which one(s) can be used as actual replacement in emonTH and how the replacement should be done.


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Re: DHT22 alternatives that can plug directly into the EmonTH?

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