Gas Monitoring with EKM PGM-075 and emonTx

I'm having a contractor add a gas line for a gas dryer. While he is at it, I'm wondering if it there is anything I could have him install that would allow me to monitor our gas usage with my emonTx. (The place he will need to cut into the line is before all the branching to other parts of the house, so it would be a good place to install a meter in that regard.)

Looking around for products that might work, I found the EKM PGM-075. (

It has a pulse output. Has anyone been able to get this working with emonTx?

Any other meters that I should consider?

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Re: Gas Monitoring with EKM PGM-075 and emonTx

Did you end up using the EKM meter? I have been recently considering using this meter combined with an emonTH to count pulses and monitor propane gas usage from a 500 gallon tank.

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