For sale: $75 for Two Magnelab Split-Core AC Current Sensors (model SCT-1250-000, with No Burden Resistor)

I have two Magnelab Split-Core AC Current Sensors (model SCT-1250-000, with No Burden Resistor) for sale for $75 (for both), plus shipping. Includes 1/8" jacks.

I am throwing my hands in the air trying to figure out how to get these things to work with my emonPi base station. I simply do not have the spare time to modify and upload sketches, learn four different programming languages, calibrate, etc, etc. I need a monitoring system that can use large opening CTs and be UL listed so I can test the accuracy of utility meters. The emon products just will not cut it for that purpose.

So please, someone take these off my hands. They typically sell for $48 each (see

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