WTD: Technical person to set up....(Ireland)

Hi Everyone,

Very interested in the emon system, i need to monitor a number of items in our new house, its a Passive House in midst certification. We are in three months and its performing as it should. But i want to back this up with data, in one seamless graph for year on year, month on month etc etc etc...

I want to monitor the following

1: Electricity Used

2: Electricity produced by PV panels

3: Electricity used by Heat Pump

4: Electricity used by a.n.other (either MHRVC or Rainwater Harvesting System)

I also want to monitor the following temps

1: Internal temp and humidity downstairs

2: Internal temp and humidity Upstairs

3 External temp and humidity


Im not the most IT literate so i guess i have been wrecking Glyn's head with email queries on what i actually need....

What i would like to know is anyone in Ireland who has experience of this or can help with setup? Im in Co Meath....


Thanks in advance for all help and input