Pricing & purchasing

just about to buy an emonpi 'solar' and the price is £137+vat but when you go to order it the cheapest it allows is £145.30

its not particularly clear that the tick boxes add additional cost maybe it would be a good idea to add (+£xx) or something like

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Re: Pricing & purchasing

You are right the base price should be adjusted to £145.30 or the "AC adapter included" text removed and a "no AC adapter option added", it's probably a quirk of the shop software but it seems the AC adapter is a mandatory option, needed for the different AC adapters which adds £8.50 to the £137.  I think it's done that way rather than a pre-selected default to force a choice rather than ending up with the wrong one.

A note could be added to clarify.


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Re: Pricing & purchasing

Hi, guys. Yes, totally correct. We would like to do exactly as Paul says and set the base price to £145 emonPi + extra CT + AC. However due to the need to give the customer a choice between UK / EU / USA plug AC adapter and track AC adapter inventory we need to give an option which has to increase the price by the price of the AC adapter.  I hope this isn't too confusing :-/ 

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Re: Pricing & purchasing

Thanks for the clarification... Order placed!

looking forward to playing about with this, I'd like to get the beehives and heatpump hooked up at somepoint.

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