Trilliant Smart Meter

Has anyone had success reading a Trilliant Smart Meter? There appears to be no LED pulse. I assume the Zigbee or what ever they use is encrypted and Ontario Hydro won't share. The other issue is that it is mounted on a pole 50 meters from my home. 

Picture of Meter attached

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Re: Trilliant Smart Meter

According to this pdf sounds like they disable the IR LED emitter 24 hours after power up!

7. Meter Calibration
7.1.1. Calibration LED
The FOCUS kWh has an infrared light emitting diode (LED) that emits energy pulses. The calibration
LED is deactivated 24 hours after the meter powers up. Once reactivated (recycle power), the
calibration LED remains active for 24 hours.
The calibration LED is accessible from the front of the meter cover. The user can fix an LED pickup
device to the front of the meter.
The calibration LED is enabled to produce stable pulses in no more than two seconds following meter
power up.
The calibration LED produces pulses in response to energy whether it is delivered (positive) or received
Registration verification testing requires no more than 30 seconds at full load.

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Re: Trilliant Smart Meter

I believe there is a device on the market that uses a camera and OCR to read the display - how practical that would be outdoors on a pole 50 m away, I'd rather not think about!

It looks as if your only realistic solution is CTs where the cable comes into your home.

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Re: Trilliant Smart Meter

Yes, but if the bottom bar of all your digits aren't working then the OCR will fail! I really should complain to Hydro One.

On another note, I have started reading up on the "Green Button" that is in our hydro one account that will download an xml file of your usage, apparently you can give other companies permission right now to get your data and use it in their apps. so there has to be a way we can query our hydro one accounts via a http link with account permissions and then get the xml, we can then parse this and insert the days data into emoncms every so often as a cron job... more research needed cause it currently seems like there is no way to automate that because of a CAPTCHA... its not really clear...

here is the link to the green button stuff


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Re: Trilliant Smart Meter

Hmmm... Definitely worth looking at. Maybe we can do something in Node-red and pass to emoncms.


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