Landys Gyr 5262A and Trannergy PVI3200

I just got a 3kw PV system installed, in the nick of time to get a good FIT....

Now, I am looking into monitoring solutions.

I am looking how to get data out of my grid meter (Landys Gyr 5262A) using the IR on the Meter. I found that it most likley uses IEC 62056 standard but not sure which sensor I need to communicate with so it can dump out some data. I am comfortable in making Arduino/Picaxe things but also, cant really find any code.

This is my main question, for the Landys Gyr IR bit, can somebody point me in the right direction please.

The lanyds gyr has a stand alone smart meter provided by British Gas where I can see the current consumption from grid, but it seems like there is no info on how to tap into the 433mhz but more likely 900mhz wireless signal as it may be encrypted, not sure.Maybe if somebody has some info on this?

Thanks in advance.


The PV system has a GPRS thing fitted to the Meter for Feed In Tariff but the actual Trannergy Inverter has a RS232 serial port on it.. They also supply Winblows software to get the data but I really want to get the data with a Raspberry Pi. I am waiting for a RS323 USB cable. I may have to see how the Windows software communicates with it using a virtual COM port redirected to actual hardware and just rip that off..  Much fun.

I love how the sales guys and fitters told me that there is no way for me to monitor any of this, when there is RS323 port right there, and also mentioned in the manual. *face palm