Building an energy monitor

Hello everyone,

I need some help in building an energy monitor using the open source method

In constructing and building, would I make use of the emonTx,emonGLCD and emoncms together or would I pick one out of them to use in this project.

And also are the sketches available online or would I need to come up with that myself?

Thank you very much

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Re: Building an energy monitor

Hello Butterfly,

The easy one first: All the sketches you need are available, but you can of course customise them to suit your needs.

The hardware:

EmonTx is an energy monitor transmitter. Although it can output data to a computer via the serial port (the same one that you use for programming it), it is intended to be used to measure your energy and send the data via a wireless link to either an emonBase or an emonGLCD (or both).

The emonGLCD: this receives and displays the data. That's all.

The emonBase: this receives the data and launches it over an Ethernet connection to emonCMS (which you can either run on your own server - if you have one - or you can use

So in short you really need both emonTx and emonGLCD in order to have a live display, and you need to add an emonBase if you want to record the data on a server somewhere for later analysis.

[Note: the new emonTx currently in development might have an Ethernet connection so won't need the emonBase as well].

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