NanodeRF ships with Uno or Duemilanove?


I purchased a NanodeRF from the OEM store a couple weeks ago.  It seems to not have the Uno bootloader.  I can only upload from the Arduino IDE by specifying Duemilanove, and then it uploads fine via FTDI adaptor at 56700 baud. I checked the AtMega328 fuse settings, and they match the expected Duemilanove fuse settings rather than the Uno.

So unless I am interpreting this wrong, I think I don't have an Uno.  Just a heads-up to others who may be experiencing upload issues.

This doesn't matter much to me, but I am trying to debug DHCP issues (I have it working only with static ip right now), and my NanodeRF sometimes hangs, and I would like watchdog timer capability, which I guess Uno has.

But I am collecting data and logging it to EmonCMS, so things look promising.



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Re: NanodeRF ships with Uno or Duemilanove?

Ah, the NanodeRF should be shipped with Uno. We have recently optained a batch of Nanodes from, these might have been loaded with Duemilanove.  

The Duemilanove, bootloader will cause issues since the reset watchdog won't work. You can try commenting out #define uno to disable the reset watchdog. You can put the uno bootloader on yourself using another arduino: If you're not happy or able to do this please get in touch via the shop and we'll send you an an Atmega with the Uno bootloader. 

Sorry again, all the best, 


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Re: NanodeRF ships with Uno or Duemilanove?

Thanks for the reply and offer, Glyn.

However, I loaded Uno-Optiboot and the NanodeRF has been up and logging EmonTx data to EmonCMS for 24 hours straight now, so the watchdog bit probably solved some problems.  Thus I won't need a replacement AtMega from you.

The DHCP problems remain, but it seems that is presently being studied, so I will be hoping for fixes there.



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