Dragons' Den - Series 13: Episode 6

About 30 minutes into this someone pitches a product that when a kettle is switched on - or more importantly not switched on then a message is posted to someone who cares.

Surely this can be a feature that can be added to the excellent work being done here.

- Geoff

PS: Sorry for not search the forum before post as the idea does seem rather obvious.



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Re: Dragons' Den - Series 13: Episode 6

See the threads about smappee! According to dBC, it's not quite so easy in practice...

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Re: Dragons' Den - Series 13: Episode 6

Hey if it wasn't challenging then it would already be done. As a first approximation simply know that someone has got out of bed and switched something on is better than nothing. Obviously the background noise of things like fridges and freezers would need to be filtered out but I do think this is something better than the kettle. I think, as is summed up as why no one would invest, is it is missing the point. A kettle is too late... there again may be this idea is missing the point also.

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