WTB Solar Monitoring System

Hi all


I found this cool webpage and I was hoping if someone can help or make me a monitoring system for my solar panel system.

I have 42 panels, 3 strings of 8 on one inverter and 2 strings of 9 on the other inverter. It is a 8.8kw system that I install myself.

The system is on my barn 40 feet away from the house.

I would like to have the monitor in the house. and I would like to be able to see it on my android and Iphone..

If anyone wants to help me or build me a monitoring system please contact me and I will give you my phone # and we can talk.







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Re: WTB Solar Monitoring System

I doubt that you'll get many takers, we don't tend to work that way. Many people will be prepared to help you via the forums, but to help everybody privately on a one-to-one basis would be impossible.

If you want to know the inverter outputs, that's fairly easy and if you look at our home page (click on "OpenEnergyMonitor" in the banner headline), that should give you an idea of what we're about. If you want to monitor individual panels or strings, then it gets a lot harder.

But again, we're all about putting systems together ourselves. You can certainly ask, but it's not very likely that you'll find someone prepared to build something for you. If you do put the system together yourself, you will always get help here if you hit a problem or if there's something you don't understand.

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Re: WTB Solar Monitoring System


Thanks for your comments

What I am looking for it to Pay CASH to someone to make one for me.... I don't need to monitor each string.

Just throwing it out there

Any takers?


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Re: WTB Solar Monitoring System

I doubt that you'll get many takers,

Gotta agree with Robert. Especially since electrical work that you're paying somebody to do, is supposed to be done by licensed electricians. I can't imagine what an insurance company's reaction to something like that would be if something bad happened.

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