24 kWh lithium battery for sale - [SOLD]


I am located in South Wales, and have just took delivery of a complete Nissan Leaf hv battery pack from a 2014 gen2 Nissan Leaf. The car was showing 7000 miles and the battery was showing 71 miles range remaining which equates to about 90% charge level and good health.

I was fortunate to pick one of these up a few months ago to fit Ito my plug in Prius conversion and used the remaining 8kwh as a home energy recovery pack to work with my solar pv system.

The battery is still in a complete state housed in its battery box which is still sealed. 48 modules inside, they are very easy to reconfigure too.

These don't show up very often here in the UK, especially in a complete state, in the states where they are more easily available, they sell for around $130 each, which translated equates to around £80 per cell. Each cell is 8.2v and 65ah capacity (2S2P)

I feel at £80 per cell is pretty reasonable value as they are already here in the UK with no additional import duty or shipping fees plus tax, time will tell if the community feel it is a fair price, but it's a starting point for sure.

Message me for any questions or what you may be interested in.

Thanks, Anthony

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Re: 24 kWh lithium battery for sale - [SOLD]

Hi have pm'd you...

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Re: 24 kWh lithium battery for sale - [SOLD]

I have replied via pm.

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Re: 24 kWh lithium battery for sale - [SOLD]

I'd welcome offers on these cells, so please feel free to make a bid for them, in any quantity you may require.



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Re: 24 kWh lithium battery for sale - [SOLD]

This battery pack is now sold, 

will be be getting hold of another one soon, message me or reply here if your interested in the next battery pack, may be a few weeks wait though.


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