Ordered wrong AC AC adapter. Advice please.

Hi guys,

I ordered the accuracy model with second CT for my solar array on kickstarter. I live in Brisbane Australia.

Totally forgot about US voltage and ordered the US version because I had a US plug adapter! [idiot I know!]

Installed my emonPi and all good until I noticed no AC detected. The penny dropped when I put the multimeter on the the unit to find no voltage then remembered the US 120v! Duh!

My concern is: Have I ruined the AC arduino connection? Should I just order a new adapter from the shop and all should be ok? [The supplied US adapter is not functioning as is probably expected.]

The emonPi is functioning fine, giving readings that match my PV output from the inverter [well very close anyway] and power circuit to believable values. Very happy so far....just a little embarrassed to have made such a silly error!

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Re: Ordered wrong AC AC adapter. Advice please.

If you have a transformer that will give you any output voltage around 9 V (but less than 11 V) ac, you could temporarily connect that to the ac input. If you read anything close to sensible, your ac input is OK and it's only the primary winding of the adapter - or the built-in thermal fuse - that's died.

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Re: Ordered wrong AC AC adapter. Advice please.

Thanks. I'll give that a go.

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