emonPi 5v form factor not same as Raspberry Pi

Hello all,

Just got my Kickstarter emonPi and starting to set it up.  

I didn't bother to get the option with a PSU included because I already had / have Raspberry Pi PSUs.

But a bit surprised to find the emonPi has a mini USB connector rather than the Pi's micro connector.

One of the video say all the emonPi needs is 1.2A which means my existing Pi PSUs would be just fine.  So interested to find out what was the reason for a different form factor on the emonPi?  Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance

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Re: emonPi 5v form factor not same as Raspberry Pi

Hi Ian, 

 Very sorry we did not communicate well the requirement for a mini-B usb power supply cable for emonPi rather than mico USB connector. We have found the mini-B to be a more robust connector than the micro connector used on the Raspberry Pi. If you like we will send you a USB-A to Mini-B cable free of charge. Please let me know. 


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Re: emonPi 5v form factor not same as Raspberry Pi

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for the prompt response and explanation.  Fair enough.

I've rummaged around and found something that will do for now.  So thank you for your kind offer but not to bother yourself.

Best Regards.


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Re: emonPi 5v form factor not same as Raspberry Pi

+1 Ian's post!!

Junior not impressed that I nicked his decent charger off him to be replaced with a carppy .7Ah one once I got my kickstarter set, then his smug look when I give it back to him as the cable is hardwired micro usb.

Then to search through all my stuff to find a mini usb cable, aha! The one that I use to update the wife's TomTom will do.


Have to say I find your comment about the robust ness nature of the mini over the micro, might have more to do with your dev work - constantly plugging/unplugging?

In the real use world though, most of these EmonPi are going to be plugged in and left in situ, everything after that is more than likely going to be software based and just requires a working connection over eithernet/wifi?

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