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I'm trying to get started, I've followed the instructions on the site but no input is appearing on the emoncms page, and the emonhub.log file only contains two lines (version and INFO Opening Hub...)

I have configured an RPi B+ model with the buffered version as outlined in

There is an RFM12B attached to the Pi, and an emonTxv3 with a current sensor attached. I also have two emonTH.

​The emonTxV3 and emonTH are battery powered. When reset, the emonTxV3 light comes on for about 5 seconds, goes out, then comes on again for one second then goes out and remains off.

When the RPi is powered a green light briefly appears on the rfm12b but after that remains out.

Any idea how can I debug this further?

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Getting started

Hello toby, if you set loglevel = DEBUG in emonhub.conf and then take another look at the log file it may give some more information

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Re: Getting started

OK - thanks.

I hadn't realised the rfm69cw (which I have) isn't supported in the pre-built SD image. I've re-built from source and it's now working.


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