Arduino energy monitor

  Hello everyone,

Following instructions from the site I am trying to build an an energy monitor measuring current only although I have a few questions to ask.

- how do I attach the current sensor to my breadboard?

-Also how do I go about calibrating my monitor and what is the point of calibration as I have seen some people talk about calibration on this site.

Would be very glad if I can get some help and advice

Thank you very much

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Re: Arduino energy monitor

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Re: Arduino energy monitor

I assume your current transformer (current sensor) has a 3-connection 3.5mm jack plug?  You need a matching socket. You should get one from most electronic component suppliers as "3.5 mm stereo jack socket". Only the tip (centre) and sleeve (body) connections are used for the standard YHDC SCT-013-000 c.t.

[Edit: Or of course you could remove the plug and solder the wires - only the red and white are used!]

Calibration is necessary because the components used are only accurate to within specified limits - usually 1% but possibly 5%. When several components can affect the signal you are measuring, the tolerances can add up (worst case) or cancel each other out (best case) - but there's no knowing which!

There's more on calibration here: and the full theory on how to calculate the numbers (which is a good check that everything is working correctly) is here:

[N.B. I have deleted the duplicate thread].

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