Rfm12 rev.1

Dear all:
I have replaced the Rfm12 module in my nanode-rf.
Originally it had a 800MHz module rev. 4 and I replaced it by a 433 MHz rev.1 module bought from Sparkfun.
After replacement, the same sketch that was running nice with the original 800 MHz is no longer working.
The module does not init.
Any suggestions where to start the investigation of the causes?
May be the mdules are not compatible or the nanode rquieres some other modifications?
Of course I changed the sketch to use the 433MHz band, any other setting should be canged?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: Rfm12 rev.1

 Hi Nelson, 

I've not heard for any incompatability between different version of RFM12B's. Do you think there could be a chance that a track/pad on the PCB got damanged when you changed the module. The emonTx PCB design is up on solderpad if you need it to check connectivity: solderpad.com/openenergymon/emontx/

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Re: Rfm12 rev.1

 I think Glyn's point about track damage is most likely (although Nelson's problem is on the Nanode, not TX).


I had a problem on one of my RFs, and tried to remove the 12B, undoubtedly lifting some of the tracks. I salvaged the use of the Nanode by using one of the RFM12B breakout boards.......

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Re: Rfm12 rev.1

 Dear Glyn:


It was a bad track while removing the RF module. Once replaced by an external piece of cable everything started to work again.

Well, nothing like the experience...

Now, I am trying to have a version of the emon base with this NanodeRF working and sending info to Internet, but unfortunatelly the sketches I am trying are driving me nuts...

Have a lot of trouble with the webclient side of the software, it is a kind of a pain in the neck to have it working...

new functions in the ethercard lib like ether.dhcpValid() and other changes are difficult to track, also, automatic research and login while internet fails is also difficult to implement.

Well, any help will be very appreciated !

Thanks a million for all !



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