Emon GLCD v1.4, C13/C14

 From the v1.3 build guide:

Important: Due to an error on the PCB C13 and C14 must be inserted the opposite way round to the marked polarity (short leg to +).


Does this apply to v1.4 as well?


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Re: Emon GLCD v1.4, C13/C14

Yes! I think Glyn is planning to fix this in 1.5, but it's certainly wrong in 1.4.

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Re: Emon GLCD v1.4, C13/C14

I should add: this issue is discussed at great length here:


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Re: Emon GLCD v1.4, C13/C14

 I've added a note to say this applies to both V1.3 and V1.4. I've also renamed the build guide page to "emonGLCD V1.3 and V1.4 build guide" since it applies to both. 

Top marks for following the build guide closely! This error will indeed be fixed in V1.5 although it will be a while before this reaches the shop. We have quite a ver V1.4 PCB's in stock. 

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