emonBase - What is the MAC address of the NanodeRF?

Hi Guys,

I just finished building my NanodeRF 433MHz kit.  It appears to work.  I did make the mistake of putting the ethernet chip into the arduino socket and vice versa. The pictorial guide needs a big warning about that.  I'm glad I didn't fry anything =)

I uploaded the testDHCP script to the device and it appeared to set the MAC address to the default value in the code (74:69:69:2D:30:31).  I'm not used to buying or using an ethernet device that doesn't have a factory burned-in, unique MAC address.  On the nanode 5 build page here:  wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Project:Nanode/Building_a_Nanode it states, "If you have one of the later kits, you should find that the tiny MAC address IC has already been soldered in place on the back of the PCB".  I see the place for that chip on the backside of the board, but no chip, so I'm assuming this isn't based off one of the `later kits'.  So my question is, do I just set my MAC address in SW and call it a day?  Seems sketchy if I'm going to deploy multiple emonBases here at work...




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Re: emonBase - What is the MAC address of the NanodeRF?

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Re: emonBase - What is the MAC address of the NanodeRF?

I'm completely at ease with setting the MAC address in software, but is this what most everyone is doing with their NanodeRF?  If the build instructions said for example, "Congratulations you built your emonBase!  Now, time to set the NanodeRF's MAC address in SW.  Be sure to pick an address that's not in use!  We recommend using this unused vendor ID (E0:32) and device ID (FF:FF).  For example...".  The reason I ask is that here at work we have thousands of MAC addresses and everytime I want something on the wired ethernet, I have to open a long winded ticket to get the device set up on DHCP, wait days, etc.  So, getting this right the first time is key.  

Since I wrote the above, I have conferred with a coworker of mine who without any hesitation said, just set it to any unused MAC address.  Well, that's two votes for that, so I'll be setting it in SW.

BTW, you're so reliably helpful on the forums.  Thanks for being generous with your time Robert =)


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Re: emonBase - What is the MAC address of the NanodeRF?

I guess the answer is, if it won't escape through your firewall, then any unused address on your network is OK. If the Nanode is visible to the outside world, then you should do the decent thing and buy an unique chip, then you know you won't offend anyone.

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