I have at last finished building V1.2 of the emon GLCD and it sorts of works The issue i have is that it constantly shows the time the only way I can get to display energy is by holding down the push switch on the side when it shows consumption, temp. Any thought of what I have done wrong


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Re: emonGLCD

Please check the 10K resistor on the right side of the atmega (see step 3 of http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/modules/emonglcd/buildguide13). The button work by pulling the connecting ADC ports  to ground (hence the latest code pulls the ADC ports up through setting port to HIGH).

Another check is to inspect your solder joints in the button area of the board.

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Re: emonGLCD

Ah, you have built up the emonGLCD correctly, the problem is in the code. The current code up on github is tailored to V1.3, you have V1.2. The difference is that on V1.2 the push switch is active high.You should change line 194 in the emonGLCD_HEM example sketch to be :if (S1==1) draw_page_two; 

You will also need to remove the line 

 digitalWrite(enterswitchpin, HIGH); digitalWrite(upswitchpin, HIGH); digitalWrite(downswitchpin, HIGH); //enable Atmega328 10K internal pullup resistors

from void setup() to disable the internal pull-up resistors. 

The only other difference between V1.3 and V1.2 is that the green LED is on pin 8 rather than pin 6. Change on line 36 of emonGLCD_HEM example. 

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Re: emonGLCD

Glyn thank you very much I will change the code and give it a try


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