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We have recently had our whole house rewired (some wiring was cloth covered, and we had wooden light switch back boxes !) and now have a modern "Trip Switch" type fuse distribution box and it is now in an accessible place, not in the tiny cupboard under the stairs. Unfortunately the meter is still under the stairs.

Can you fit CT sensors to the feeds for the different circuits at the new fuse box or can you only monitor the actual feed to the house at the meter ?

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Re: CT sensor Location

You can monitor wherever you like - depending of course on what you want to know!

(BTW, what's a ""Trip Switch" type fuse distribution box" - are you in the UK, and do you mean a consumer unit with miniature circuit breakers? - like this)

Bear in mind that the emonTx V3 has 3 inputs rated at 100 A and one at 20 A approx, therefore you won't get best accuracy if you're only measuring (say) a lighting circuit that runs a maximum of 6 A if you use the 100 A input. You can change that by replacing one resistor (per input) in the emonTx.

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