EmonTH and a DS2406 - Help Needed


I am new to the forum and I have just started using EmonCMS using my Raspberry Pi. I use a Current Cost Envi to get the Electric usage. My current project will use the RFM12Pi with a EmonTH in my next step to monitor each room temp and if my under floor heating is calling for heat. Also I need to create another Node with a Emon TH to collect Solar warm air collector data from a Nuiare Sunwarm system using DS18B20's

I have seen that a DS2405 can detect on/off state from this guide http://www.jon00.me.uk/onewireintro.shtml a DS2406 is newwer

I have a Drayton digistat 2 (Old ones pre RF) in each room so I would like to measure each room temp and if that room is calling for heat. I would then try to install the Emon TH circuit board  behind the existing wall plate and use the same 2xAA batteries that power the Drayton.

Now here is the question for help, would there be a lot of firmware changes required to log the state of the DS2406?



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Re: EmonTH and a DS2406 - Help Needed

Probably. I haven't studied the data sheet for your DS2406, but I'm guessing it's got much the same sort of instructions as the DS18B20. If you look at MartinR's Energy Diverter, you'll see he controls the DS18B20 directly without the use of a library (though he uses the Onewire library), so my thinking is if you read the data sheet, then look at what Martin did, you'll probably be able to integrate that with the emonTH's code, using the same 1-wire bus as the DS18B20.

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Re: EmonTH and a DS2406 - Help Needed

Thanks for the reply

I will order the required parts and give it a go and report back soon.

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