Update of emoncms-files with problems


emoncms 8.3.5 is now running since 5 months on my Windows-server.

Now, I wanted to use the actual files from https://github.com/emoncms/emoncms

I stopped Wamp-Server, renamed the emoncms-directory to emoncms_old, and made a new folder "emoncms" with the actual bundle from github. I copied the settings.php from the old directory to the new one, not to loose my settings.

After this i did a restart of Wamp.

But, when new data arrived, they did not run into the "old" input- channel. They opened a new one with a different name. The key stayed.

I use this command:{power:20.0}&apikey=...xyz....

Do I have to make some more settings?


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Re: Update of emoncms-files with problems

Hi brutzler, 

I believe that the URL format between the old and new emoncms is different.
​Try the command in the form of "{power1:...}&apikey=apikey" .
You might need to change the code on the Arduino transmitter afterwards.

Also make sure that the read/write API keys and nodes of the users in question did not change on your emoncms.

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Re: Update of emoncms-files with problems


thx for answer.

API-key is the same. Otherwise all data would be rejected.
And when I look on InputAPI-Help, there is the same syntax.



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Re: Update of emoncms-files with problems

Two days ago i upgraded emoncms from 8.3.6 to 8.4. After that i cant send data for emoncms by http req and i cant see my input. In process i see very high uses

 /usr/sbin/apach 45%
redis-server 50%


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Re: Update of emoncms-files with problems

O dear, can you try going to admin and then check update database in emoncms? Are you running the full emoncms or the bufferedwrite raspberrypi version? Perhaps try restarting redis or clearing it with

$ redis-cli

that will force emoncms to reload inputs, feed meta data to redis.


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