emonTX Shield SMT assembly - RFM12B surface-mount soldering

Apologies if this is covered somewhere on the site, but I was not able to find it via searching. 

I just received by SMT Shield kit. I'm very comfortable with soldering the through-hole components, but am a bit apprehensive about soldering the surface-mount RFM12B. 

Any advice? 

Thanks in advance,


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Re: emonTX Shield SMT assembly - RFM12B surface-mount soldering

You're right to be apprehensive. It's almost impossible to remove without damaging the board, once it's soldered.

Don't solder it all in one go! Do one corner first and make absolutely sure all the pads line up exactly, and it's the right way round (yes, it's been known!). At that stage it's easy enough to melt one joint and nudge it around. Alternatively, Robin Emley's trick is to stick it in place with a small piece of double sided tape.

When you're convinced it is right, do the opposite corner and check again. If it's still OK, solder the remaining pads.

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