Cheap SIM for data acquistion

Hi all,

If you're mucking about with data collection via a 3G dongle you might want to look at this tariff:

100 Mb/month for peanuts; perfect for a remote Pi pinging emonCMS data over 3G dongle back to base. :-)

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Re: Cheap SIM for data acquistion

Thanks for the link,

I have an unused data dongle which I am now going to try and use to get a Pi to send me notifications if there is a network or power outage. A £5 top-up to get a 100mb per month for life back up network is good value for money.

It appears the only condition beyond initial qualification is that it is used at least once in a 180 day period, no further top-ups or expense. So if Pi can also send a "I'm still ok" notification once a week that will confirm it's there if needed and can be just forgotten about.

100Mb per month might not be much for passing regular data but is definitely do'able with some jiggery pokery see 3G Data usage thread


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