Problem reading data in Raspberry


Some months ago (in July) I bought an EmontxV3 and the RFM12Pi.

Today I connected the EmontxV3 using an AC/AC plug. I also connected a CT to it.

The RFM12Pi is connected to a Raspeberry PI (model B+). 

A red led in the EmontxV3 blinks regularly and nearly at the same time a green led blinks in the RFM12Pi, therefore I suppose that they are communicating.

The problem is that I am not receiving any data in the emonhub.log as shown in :

tail /var/log/emonhub/emonhub.log
2014-12-13 18:54:57,225 INFO EmonHub Pre-Release Development Version (rc1.0)
2014-12-13 18:54:57,228 INFO Opening hub...
2014-12-13 18:55:00,279 WARNING 1 Discarded RX frame 'non-numerical content' : ['>\x00', '4b']
2014-12-13 18:55:00,686 WARNING 3 Discard RX frame 'information' : ['>', '210g']
2014-12-13 18:55:01,333 WARNING 6 Discard RX frame 'information' : ['>', '15i']


The date/time values are those of Linux startup and do not change over time.  

I did not yet changed anything in the configuration of the Linux image, besides the essential (timezone, location, etc).

Am I missing something?



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Re: Problem reading data in Raspberry

Problem solved. In fact it was working. I was not receiving data in the Emoncms, but with some configuration I manage it to work.


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