Feed In / Sampling rate of EmonTx and EmonCMS

Hello People,

does any one know what is the maximum data resolution I can get from the EmonTx and EmonCMS ( i.e once every second/ twice, once every 2 seconds...etc).

I can't figure out a constant rate from the (last updated colmn of EmonCMS).. is there any way I can get a high resolution data ( i.e once per second).


Thanks alot



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Re: Feed In / Sampling rate of EmonTx and EmonCMS

There are many parts to the first question

How frequently is the data sampled

How frequently is it processed

How often is it communicated

How often is it recorded

and therefore just as many answers (or more) to the second question, you can change to a different sketch, modify a sketch further, improve communications, change the way it is stored etc etc, in your accuracy thread I suggested taking a look at the building blocks as all these things are possible if you want to dive in.

for example if a reading is averaged and projected over 5 seconds it would be a useless overload to transmit that same data every second and a waste of diskspace to save it every second, especially if you only look at it once a day.


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