RFM12Pi V1 vs V2


Are there any difference in the RFM12Pi V1 and RFM12Pi V2 when it comes to the use of them?

I can see the V2 is smaller and based on Arduino instead of Attiny but apart from that will you recommend the V2 over V1 and in that case why?

I'm about to startup and just ordered a Raspberry B+ and some transmitters, so now i'm just trying to figure out what else I need to buy and what can I make from my spareparts. I have the parts for the V1 already.


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Re: RFM12Pi V1 vs V2

We found problems with the software serial communication with the V1, it crashed quite often. Highly recommend V2. The atmega328 is much easier to work with

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Re: RFM12Pi V1 vs V2

Thanks. Thats a reason.

Are there any threads or blogs on these issues?

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Re: RFM12Pi V1 vs V2

What is the purpose of the RFM12Pi module at all. Is it just to convert the data from/to the radio and UART? Can’t you just connect the RFM12/RFM69 module directly to the pi using SPI and then skip this module?

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