emonBASE - POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Could the emonBASE be modded to support POE?

Just a thought as the emonBASE is not in the best place for coverage from the TX or GLCD in my house and i could run a network cable easily but network and power not so., Iv already got a POE switch. 


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Re: emonBASE - POE (Power Over Ethernet)

The Nanode does not come with POE, I believe its quite expensive and would significantly increase the price.  some people have tried to add it: 



I agree, in the future it could be a good feature to add. 

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Re: emonBASE - POE (Power Over Ethernet)


Thanks I was looking at using this http://ardx.org/datasheet/ARPO-01-DATASHEET.pdf i understand it would increase the cost of the unit, was really just looking to see if it was possible,, I will have a look and report back.


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Re: emonBASE - POE (Power Over Ethernet)

I know it's not as neat as being built-in but you could use a PoE splitter like this TP-Link one: http://www.box.co.uk/TP-Link_POE_networking_Splitter_997126.html

It has 12v and 5v output selectable and costs £8.80!

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Re: emonBASE - POE (Power Over Ethernet)

WOW thanks that would be alot easier than hacking a POE module into it.. 


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