Emoncms stopped logging data

Hi all

Not been here for a while.

Yesterday, my Emoncms feeds stopped updating & I noticed the red LED on the emonbase was ON constantly (no intermittent flashing as before the feed problem arose) except for an 8 second window when the red LED goes out & then turns ON again.

When I press the reset button both greeen & red LED's flash once as expected & after about 8 seconds the red LED comes ON & stays ON

I reset both emonTx & emonBase but no change.

The emonTx green LED is flashing regularly as before when all was working.

The emonBase RJ45 socket data LED (orange) is flashing as before.

My internet connection & LAN is working normally with all other connected devices.

This sudden failure suggests a hardware issue as nothing here has been altered & nobody else is reporting a problem with emoncms server that I can see

I remember an initial problem arose with the emonBase with the red LED staying lit was highlighted by Trystan as a faulty batch of voltage regulators being fitted to the early emonBase kits.

Could this be the most likely cause?

Comments would be appreciated

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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

I assume your base is a NanodeRF.
The red LED means it has not received a reply from emoncms, which would be consistent with emoncms not receiving the data.
Can you check some voltages? It's possible that a regulator fault has showed up after 2½ years, but I'd first look for a dry joint that's gone high resistance due to oxidisation over that period of time.
Does this http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/550#comment-3860 tally with your experience? If so, email the shop.

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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

I deleted an old emoncms.org server yesterday which I thought Id turned of redirection earlier in the year. The problem therefore may be solved by updating the static IP address on the Nanode from:


Let me know if that solves the problem?

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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

Hi Trystan

Changed line: char website[] PROGMEM = "vis.openenergymonitor.org" to "emoncms.org" as other lines referring to static IP were REM'd out.

NanodeRF now seems to be working as normal & serial monitor prints:

1 emontx packet rx2 {rf_fail:0,solar:0,grid :443}
3 ok | Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 00:45:06 GMT

4 emonbase sent
5 emonglcd: 2787

but feeds don't appear to update & 'updates' are listed as 'inactive' (last update at about 3pm on 24/10/14).

Problem is that its been 21/2 years since I uploaded the sketch to the nanodeRF so I can't be sure that the attached sketch is exactly the same as the original sketch uploaded (I now include the file name of the sketch within the sketch to identify the file name when running the serial monitor).

Could you check the sketch & make any recommendations


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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

See updated attachment

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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

If I'm reading it correctly, you are posting to "http://emoncms.org/emoncms3/api/post.json...."
Do you really mean that? It should now be going to "http://emoncms.org/input/post.json..." (see the Input API Help).
It's in the line "ether.browseUrl( ...." at the end of loop( ). Confusingly, the full URL comes from 2 places, website[ ] at the top and the literal in that line, so don't get the website twice!

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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

Hi Robert

changed the line referred to in my attached sketch to:

ether.browseUrl(PSTR("/input/post.json?apikey=********************************&json="),str.buf, website, my_callback);

I now get solar (powerB) updating as before but my grid (powerA) is still inactive

I've checked Input API Help but I don't understand (I'm no programmer) & since the original program was copied straight from nanodeRF sketch supplied that to I don't understand how the original 'solar' & 'grid' values were sent to the server.

Can you detail the exact entries I need to change/add to the sketch I attached in my post?

Thanks for any help you can provide

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Re: Emoncms stopped logging data

All sorted & now posting feeds as before.

Downloaded the later nanodeRF sketch using jeelib etc & with a few tweeks all is working.


Note for Trystan:- please advise when changes at your end, that may affect users of the emoncms server, are made as a lot of hours wasted looking for a hardware issue :-)

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