Multiple transmitters

I'm looking at systems for our office building, which is a heavy user of power on a 24hr basis and I want to see where the power is going at least on a floor basis and with some heavy plant like AC.  These are all 3 phase systems, although probably most feed into single phase.

Can the receiver units receive data from multiple transmitters, or can you use multiple receivers in the same area?

Multiple RF temperature transmitters would also be useful as we are using alot of AC in offices and it seems we have alot of problems with thermostats and people turning on radiators.

I'm an electronics engineer but I really want to buy a complete or near complete system I havn't got time to get into the design.

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Re: Multiple transmitters

A very similar question was asked not very long ago
Yes, you can have multiple transmitters and one receiver, but there is a danger that some data might be lost due to collisions. You can't realistically use multiple receivers, as there are only two frequency bands available in the UK, so in practice you're limited to two. (You can have more than one 'Group', but as the groups all share the same band, it won't mitigate the collisions problem.)

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