Thoughts on new propane monitoring device

I have been working with a new energy startup called Tank Utility and we have developed a WiFi-connected smart meter which allows you to remotely monitor your propane levels through a mobile-first, web-based app on your smartphone or computer.

Our company is in the early stages of development, so feedback is crucial to us and we would love to hear your thoughts on this new technology. If you could please take some time to check out our website and let us know if you think this device would be useful to you, we would really appreciate it. 

Here is what the app/device looks like: 

Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have. We will be monitoring this forum to give you all the answers you need. All opinions are welcome, so please feel free to share your thoughts.

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Re: Thoughts on new propane monitoring device

Anyone interested in learning more about this remote propane monitor can find all the info they need on this Kickstarter campaign.

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