Diverting spare PV to batteries


I'm wanting to divert my spare PV power to some batteries so that I can use them to power the night lights and run the pond pump. I'd like to also be able to charge it overnight on the economy 7 as its cheaper! Should there be a point during the day where the battery has gone flat(or at least < 50%) I'd like to bypass the system and just use the mains to keep the pump running. 

Basically the whole intention is to increase self-consumption by using it to power the pump. 

I've been chatting with Robin and it seems i need to define the charger as a "continuous" load so that it can be kept happy etc.

I'd like to be able to tell the charger that there's a number of watts it can use so that it eats as much as is spare but no more during the day.

Anyone done similar yet? If so how did you do it ? are you using more than one charger or a clever multi level type one?

help hints tips all welcome 


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Re: Diverting spare PV to batteries

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