Jeelib for Ciseco RFu-328 + RFM69CW

Hi there,

let me start with a summary: I've updated the RFu_jeelib so that now it works with Ciseco's RFu-328 with a RFM69CW soldered. Resulting code on my github. [Essentially I've just pulled in commits from jcw/jeelib, renamed things and did modifications to RF69 files similar to the stuff that was done to RF12 code to make it work on RFu-328.] Communicating through RF12Demo works OK (except I haven't got anything with RFM12B, so I can't test compatibility... all my radios are RFM69CW.)

I hope it might be useful for someone else as well.

The longer story: I wanted an alternative to RFM12Pi, since I wanted to hook up more things to the Pi and move the reset line from GPIO4 to some other GPIO (because Dallas onewire kernel driver uses GPIO4). So I got a Slice of Pi and RFu-328 from Ciseco and also got hold of some RFM69CW radios. After a bit of soldering I had a board which works as RFM12Pi, except with RFM69CW instead of RFM12B. So on the firmware side I needed to add RFM69CW support to RFu_jeelib... and I did.

Here's a pic (with a small RTC module stacked on top of Slice of Pi - one of the reasons I didn't want to use ready-made RFM12Pi):