UK - System Set-Up Services Required

Hi folks,


I have purchased an emonTx V3 with an Raspberry Pi with an RFM12Pi base station.  I am using this system as a trial to hopefully install a large number of system over the coming year.

I am finding it challenging to configure emoncms to log, process and display monitored data.

Is there anyone who is willing to provide services in this area?

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Re: UK - System Set-Up Services Required

Hi Shane


I had experience with the emoncms system, emontx3 and raspberry pi.
You can write me a pn with your question or let us talk by phone.




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Re: UK - System Set-Up Services Required

Thank you the replies and PMs received - I do have preference for someone who can work on this project in person rather that remotely, as I am looking for services to ensure the entire system is set-up correctly, from sensor data collection through to posting on the emoncoms server.  

Please see below for further information on the system and my requirements if you are interested in providing services to deliver this project:


I have recently purchased an open-source energy monitoring system from OpenEnergyMonitor, which I am intending to use to monitor energy consumption at circuit level in a commercial building. 

The main components of the system are:

  • Non-invasive clip-on CT electric current sensors 
  • EmonTx V3 data transmitter
  • RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi Base Station Receiver Board 

I have unfortunately not been successful in my attempts to configure the base station in order to ensure it is receiving data from the EmonTx transmitter and posting data to the emoncms server. 

As this project is a pilot with a view to installing a large volume of these monitoring systems over the coming year, I am keen to have this system up and running as soon as possible.

Is there any members of the forum who are willing to provide services in the south-east UK area with respect setting-up the monitoring system?

The service provider must have sufficient experience to ensure the system is collected and transmitting data to the emoncoms sever, alongside the ability to configure the onliine portal.  A electrician will be provided as required to provide assistance with system installation etc.

Please PM with your contact information and details of your experience with the system if you are interested in working on this project.

Rates and further project information is available upon request.

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