3G Data usage

Has anyone done any trials on how much data is used if the posting from the Raspberry Pi gateway is done to a hosted Emoncms server over a 3G connection ?

The scenario in looking at would be monitoring 1 x Voltage and 3 x CT's



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Re: 3G Data usage

Hello Lionel. I did a little on this here: https://github.com/openenergymonitor/documentation/blob/master/Applicati...

They are very rough initial tests would be good to spend some more time on this and look at ways to optimise.

**20:09 17th March 2014**
Download  24.06 KB  2.66 MB
Upload  16.51 KB  2.35 MB
Total  40.56 KB  5.02 MB
Duration  00:03:57  23:06:22

**10:23 18th March 2014**
Download  5.87 KB  4.78 MB
Upload  3.69 KB  5.31 MB
Total  9.56 KB  10.09 MB
Duration  00:00:24  37:16:58

**14h 15mins**
dn 2.12 0.15 mb/h 108mb/month
up 2.96 0.21 mb/h 151.2mb/month

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Re: 3G Data usage

I am also experimenting with a similar 3g setup and my first data usage findings were a little different.

At first I had the default emonhub settings and emonhub was sending every packet as it was reading it.
Each exchange with the emoncms server was around 3.6kb, probably because of ssl overhead (I am running my emoncms installation on https). So because I run the emonTX at a 5 sec rate, the amount of data would be around 69Mb/day. That is too much for mobile data.

I knew that emonhub has a buffer for short network or server problems, but I was pleasantly surprised that an interval for submitting the data to the server can also be manually configured by setting the interval in the runtimesetting section of the emoncms reporter in emonhub.conf.

For example, for submitting every 120 seconds:

    Type = EmonHubEmoncmsReporter
        url = http://url/emoncms
        apikey = ****
        interval = 120

By buffering and submitting the values every minute or more, the data usage can be brought down at will.

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