Project: Monitor Small Off Grid PV System

Energy Project.,
Well here we go… I recently purchased a PV Bundle to see is if it could work for my application. It works partially however…. I just may not have all the skills to make it happen. So here is a brief synopsis of my situation and what I would like to achieve.

Present situation
I have a small two (2) panel off the grid system that powers a few appliances and lights.

What I would like to achieve
I would like to be able to monitor, in real time my AC usage and be able to pull up historical usage. I would also like to monitor battery state ie Amount of charge that way I know either when I have reached full capacity or when my batteries are about to fail overnight. I would like to view this data by either GLCD, web or phone.

Do you think it’s possible?
Is the best route a PI model b with RFM12b, EmonTx v3, GLCD and LT1495 (

What are your thoughts on the project?
I have attached a drawing of what the layout could be