What is safer way to remove a CT sensor


I've read in different places on this site that stated it is dangerous to open circuit the CT sensor once it started to draw current.

The CT sensor EmonTx recommended to use is Yhdc Current Transformer: SCT-013-000, which has a zener diodes built in to prevent this "potential dangerous voltage" by short circuit the CT sensor. Which is awesome. However, my question is:

Do I still need to be careful when I plug/unplug the CT sensor from the EmonTx itself?

Also, if I need to remove the CT sensor sometimes, should I remove the CT sensor from the Main wire first before unplug it from the EmonTX V3 node?




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Re: What is safer way to remove a CT sensor

It's good practice to unclip the CT from the power cable before  unplugging it on the emontx, and vice versa.

The Zener diodes should provide a degree of protection, but why take the chance.



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