Arduino Uno + Ethernetshield + EmonTX-Shield possible?


is this combination possible? I want to send the values for CT1-CT4 via Ethernet....

I plugged it together, modified the code but it looks like, the ethernet-shield is not accessable. Thatswhy my question, if this is possible - maybe some little modifications needed?



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Re: Arduino Uno + Ethernetshield + EmonTX-Shield possible?

Have you searched these forums? This has been discussed recently by a few of us, including some sketches being posted. See here...

I am doing exactly what you are proposing and using MQTT to send the sensor readings back to my central MQTT broker. Works very well and my sketch is in the thread I have linked above.

The only thing that won't work with the ethernet shield attached is the DS18B20 on-board temperature sensor (if you have it fitted to the EmonTX shield) since it is hardwired to D4 which is used by the ethernet shield.

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