Replacement HDD

Well, my 1TB Iomega external HDD has again presented me with yet another load of disk errors;

Message from syslogd@raspberrypi at Aug 13 11:04:36 ...
kernel:[ 1491.060408] journal commit I/O error it's probably about time I replaced it!

I'm considering this replacement but not knowing much about HDD's I would appreciate any advice.
I was intending to use the drive with this Y cable to provide power.



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Re: Replacement HDD

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Re: Replacement HDD

Finally got around to buying replacement kit for my emoncms installation!

Following Robert's link above, I finally opted for a 500GB Hitachi  Touro USB HDD (which comes with a 2 year warranty) at £38

I also purchased a Pimoroni 'PiHub' which is a 4 port powered hub -  £17 from Amazon.
It comes complete with a 3A power supply that supplies power to both the Raspberry Pi and the HDD via the hub.
It's also the only raspberry pi foundation endorsed USB hub for the Raspberry Pi, and made in Sheffield, UK.
This would be an excellent addition to the OEM Shop.

So far, so good, everything appears to be running great.


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